The Tecplot and Fortran Specialists

Computer Transition Systems supplies Tecplot, Fortran compilers and support products (libraries and programming tools) for Fortran users throughout Australia and New Zealand. We produce a newsletter which contains general Fortran news and information on the latest developments in products of interest to the Fortran community.

PRODUCTS LIST - brief descriptions and prices of the software we provide. We normally use current bank exchange rates to determine prices so actual prices may differ from those on our website.

TECPLOT - Comprehesive information on the new Tecplot products, Tecplot Chorus, Tecplot RS, Tecplot 360 EX, and Tecplot Focus

NEWS - GPU support in PGI compilers. New compiler releases from PGI, Absoft, and Intel.

NEWSLETTERS - back issues of our Fortran newsletters.

FORTRAN RESOURCES - a list of Fortran related web sites.

NUMERICAL METHODS - a local copy of the excellent numerical methods site originally created by by Tomasz Plewa.

FORTRAN 90 vs C++ - a presentation on the merits of Fortran 90 over C++ as a programming language to teach engineering students

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P.O. Box 4553, Melbourne, Vic., 3001
(03) 95 30 66 33     email:
ABN 67 867 204 611

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