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Computer Transition Systems is the Australian representative for Portland Group. Portland Group produces high performance optimizing compilers [Fortran, C, and C++] for multicore 64 bit and 32 bit based workstations, servers, and clusters using Windows, and Linux. The compilers feature GPU support, fast excution of compiled code, fast compilation, graphical parallel MPI/OpenMP debugger and profiler, unified binaries that provide optimal results for both Intel and AMD cpus, and HPF support. Prices can be found at the PGI Prices Page. There are essentialy three major products -
Network floating license (Fortran/C/C++) US$2200/seat
Node locked license (Fortran/C/C++) US$1539
Node locked license (Fortran only) US$1099
PGI products include 30 days of technical support and free updates. This can be extended. The prices respectively for the above products is US$1100, US$770 and US$550 per year. Academic prices are discounted 50%. PGI gpu suport alows the programers to essentially use NVIDIA gpu chips as array processors. This can result in enormous increases in execution speed.

PGI have the Community Edition, a free version of the Fortran/C/C++ node locked product for Linux. This is a one year license and has no technical support. The other provision is that it will be updated only twice a year [PGI normally updates their software at least six times a year] and only the most recent release is ever available for download. See http://www.pgroup.com/products/community.htm for more information and to download.

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Updated 2 December 2016