Computer Transition Systems is the representative for Tecplot, Inc the maker of the following data visualization software:

TECPLOT Chorus is a simulation analytics framework that unites physics visualization with data management and analytics to help engineers manage and analyze collections of CFD simulations. An engineer using Tecplot Chorus can evaluate overall system performance and visually compare tens or thousands of simulation cases in a single environment. Tecplot Chorus is supplied with Tecplot 360.

TECPLOT 360 is a CFD visualization software tool that allows data to be quickly plotted and animated.

TECPLOT Focus is for the analysis and exploration of complex engineering and test data.

TECPLOT RS is a specialized visualization and analysis tool that brings reservoir simulation and observed data together into one unified environment.

Evaluation copies are available by download. The evaluation copy can be used for a limited period as a fully operational Tecplot. This enables prospective users to test Tecplot before they purchase it. Our Tecplot Purchase page has complete pricing information including the cost of upgrades.

All prices are in US$.   Invoices are in A$ using the ANZ bank TT sell rate on day order received.
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To order products or make an enquiry for further information please contact
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Updated 1 December 2016