The Tecplot and Fortran Specialists

Computer Transition Systems supplies Tecplot, Fortran compilers and support products (libraries and programming tools) for Fortran users throughout Australia and New Zealand.

PRODUCTS LIST - brief descriptions and prices of the software we provide. Prices are in the currency of origin. Invoices are in Australian Dollars. Currency conversion is done using ANZ Bank sell rates [] on the day the order is recieved.

TECPLOT - Comprehesive information on the new Tecplot products, Tecplot RS, Tecplot 360 EX, and Tecplot Focus

NEWSLahey Computer Systems ceased selling software on 31 December 2022. New activation codes are still available. PGI bought by NVIDIA. Contact NVIDIA for all PGI support and sales. Intel provides free access to most of their software products. The free download software do not have IntelTechnical support. New compiler releases from Absoft, and Intel.

Contact us at:

P.O. Box 4553, Melbourne, Vic., 3001
(03) 95 30 66 33     email:
ABN 67 867 204 611

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Updated 9 February 2023